Taking the initiative

Our first assignment is to tend to the land...


The environment is at risk globally but even more so in places where people lack the resources for basic survival. 

We are Impact Global International, a nonprofit organization empowering underprivileged areas with renewable energy.  We are a team of passionate individuals that will do anything to leave an impact globally. We are focused on implementing waste solution systems in areas where waste is causing diseases, harming the environment, and taking up space.

Problems such as routine trash pickup within communities or nations are inadequate due to the Lack of Bioreactor Landfills for dump sites. The lack of environmentally responsible sanitary landfills engineered to avoid "Leachate" and other issues that bring harm to the community and environment. Current Dump sites are residential homes, yards, streets, & water sources creating environmental and health issues and diminishing quality of life, locally and nationally. The lack of sustainable energy, as well as the lack of a clean and steady water supply are all major issues throughout many nations, and rural areas around the world.  These are direct problems we look to address and solve; our aim is to grow in each nation to address these issues as well as any indirect problems appertaining. 

We need your help in equipping this mission in Haiti to identify the waste that is produced and how it can be used to create economic and social structure.

All proceeds will help us to obtain....

  • Garbage Trucks
  •  Land (for waste Facility)
  • Waste converting System
  •  Commercial Generator to create electricity
  • Trash Bins & Dumpsters


which will help....

  • Procure land for a facility
  • Develop garbage pick-up routes
  • Donate garbage bins to residents and businesses
  • Analyze the amount of waste used in neighboring villages
  • Accurately estimate the amount of waste produced daily


Implementing a Pyrolysis Plant, a benefit of this plant is that it will create direct and indirect: jobs, occupations, and careers through education and skills within the community. We will collaborate with various but specific NGO'S - {Non - Government Organizations} that help serve and empower the local community. We  coordinate and apply trade skills for construction, education, engineering, data and procurement. We will implement trash pickup routes, as well as waste disposal practices within the community to create a new perception. We will expand various eco-friendly and waste solution options, through educational forums and initiatives for all local communities to help preserve the environment. Infrastructure jobs will be related to utilize the byproduct of the pyrolysis plant to help build: roads, bridges, power lines, cables, commercial buildings, as well as homes.

Enhancing the infrastructure can and will provide clean and  steady water sources, transportation freedom, and promotes overall, a greater quality of life. We intend to implement a rebate/incentive plan to help re-invest and inspire innovation in the community and clean initiatives for waste solutions nationally. The energy created through the Pyrolysis plant promotes greater energy frequency resolving concerns with: black outs, intermittent energy sources, limited access to energy like gas or diesel fuel solely for generators. The benefits, can apply directly to the nation and directly improving their environment, promoting stewardship thru local, and national investment.     


Conviction and comfort don’t live on the same block
— Lisa Nichols

Leaders taking responsibility
Our Executive Director discussing environmental factors with the Director of Environment and Agriculture in the Northwest department in Haiti.

Although there is effort being put forth in waste collection, there isn't a viable solution in place. Site dumping to then incinerate in the open environment is the current solution. With a proper solution in place jobs can be created to better manage the waste all the while creating much needed resources. 

Too often you see the garbage taking the place of vegetation. Our first initiative is to tend to the land. We have failed our communities in this assignment.