Environmental Education 

To sustain Generational Impact education is imperative...

With the development of our waste management program, one of our main priorities will be education of proper waste management and recycling. Specifically, for the sustainability of the Northwest department it will be vital to provide the next generation with the tools to carry on a new tradition of preserving the environment. We will provide schools with school supplies and a curriculum that will engage the youth to take responsibility in their community. Although providing opportunity and resources remain the key element to our cause, education is the key element to creating a sustainable future. Our curriculum would include recycling, waste management, shoreline protection, marine pollution and the impact our efforts have on the environment. Working directly with institution directors will ease this curriculum throughout the community with the intention on expanding throughout the nation



The children are the future.

The children in Haiti are willing to take the responsibility of changing the culture. We want to give them the opportunity to innovate their future.